Tide (Single video channel, silent,, 1920 x 1080,1:35 minutos, loop)


Sun (Single video channel, silent, 1920 x 1080, 12:06 minutes, loop)

Fisherman (Triptych, digital photography, 60 x 120 cm)

Exhibition View: ALTIPLANO Gallery



Epojé is a Greek Philosophy concept which was revitalized by the phenomenology of the German philosopher Edmund Husserl 1. It is a category which defines a mental state of judgment impair, rareness, contemplation, and mental isolation where the observer is, for an instant, free of prejudices to conclude or categorize and, in the middle of this uncertainty, thoughts are silenced and one only observes. This is the feeling which, from where I stand provides contemporary proximity to the landscape shown in Marea.


Composed by three different works, Marea, Pescador and Sol (Tide, Fisherman and Sun), it is impossible not to make reference to the Landscaping genre, Marinas. But, beyond the ocean as a referent, and the analogies with this historic beauty standard there are contemporary ways to reach the landscape and these are what come to me as revealing in this work.


Alejandro Palomino uses Digital Composing techniques in his works: this is a technique that puts together various visual elements from different sources in order to create a final image or video, and whose main quality is the high degree of veracity. But this is not only about representing a thought as something possible; manipulation or fiction are subtle and speculation is avoided so what we believe we know about theses landscapes is slightly changed. Temporality is another manipulated quality; it is, once again, about the thought and not the object itself, as if it was about remembering instead of seeing or perceiving. This is all a combination of subtle approximations to a post-produced reality which places us in a suspended state, in isolation and contemplation.


Iván Abreu, 2014, Mexico City.