TERTIARY  (Video installation, 3 simultaneous channels, 1920 x 1080 9:31 minutes, loop)


TERTIARY  (Video stills)


TERTIARY  (Characters path drawing, 60 x 120cm)


TERTIARY (Characters path drawing on a map)


Exhibition View: Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.



The background is a city full of neon and harsh noises. There, three characters trace a tour which consists on stalking, watching, and running all at different moments.

The first character follows the steps of the second one, who is unaware of the fact that he is being watched. The third character’s role is to observe and he does so through the blinds of a close building.


When the character’s paths meet and they become aware of each other’s existence, their perspectives and subjectivities are disrupted. Then, it might be the observer’s turn to be the one being watched.


The artists highlights the fact that the construction of the characters depends, to a great extent, on their perspectives and proposes an “aliening effect” as a strategy which allows us to isolate the subject away from its reality so we can therefore observe its entire complexity. This is all achieved by creating rare environments within conventional places and through the use of temporary strategies which create paranoia, anguish and imminence.


Bárbara Cuadriello, 2013. Mexico City.