SEAGULLS (Single video channel, stereo, 720 x 480, 1:23 minutes, loop)




- Kill them all, end up with them. Filthy animals!

- ...there are probably more than 100 thousand million birds.

- It is the end of the world.


Dialogue in the film The Birds, Alfred Hitchcok, 1963.


One of the first video works of Alejandro Palomino, SEAGULLS, is where you can find the medullary material to understand his artistic development, the elements he intertwined technically and conceptually: landscape (sea), repeated actions, digital composing, special effects, cinematographic narrative and the time as a key element in order to detonate a contemplation where you can find the spectator and the romantic vision of the artist that analyzes the landscape.


When you observe the video “Seagulls” for the first time, you expect the moment after the continuous action of birds plunging into the sea, but the same action is repeated again and again, then, you can deduce that something is happening, what promise is there on the sea? Or what despair is there in heaven that all birds come down hastily?


To think about the loop idea means reducing the work to the technical part. Alejandro Palomino explores means and images to transmit his interest on cinema through the textures and digital images that he presents as living elements.


SEAGULLS is a narrative about the nature and the ominous from the Freudian perspective of "strangeness in what one knows from the recognition that not everything is visible", as it shows in a not completed action or the birds not coming out from water. Contemplation is a key element to position the viewer as a witness to a unique event that will not have all the information about, emphasizing the nature as something unfathomable for man.


Tamara Ibarra, 2016. Mexico City.